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Whitney is a busy real estate agent and has lost 20lbs in about 3 months even with her busy schedule!!*Whitney*jpg?alt=media&token=f937b890-ec2a-4063-8997-4a3eb115c01a

After years of being stuck, Eres has lost 20+lbs!!!*Eris*jpg?alt=media&token=28785fc2-d571-4450-ba4a-f403ea9ed236

Keisha is down 15lbs while eating cookies 🍪*Keisha*jpg?alt=media&token=8dd35cd6-0ffd-486b-a266-3488a9d146ac

Jay is 53 and she was believing the lie that she couldn't lose weight due to her age💚*64111C6D-3E1B-4629-99F0-76E39694729F*jpeg?alt=media&token=0ba88fb7-a65f-4db2-a576-9645ea8c1a3b
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