The Glow Up Academy Membership: Self-Paced Confidence Coaching for women who are ready to break free from fear, self-doubt, and pity so they can to start showing up confidently and crushing their goals!*D703367E-D75F-4264-914A-A847FAC237D7*jpeg?alt=media&token=28b98d64-2cb6-4f9f-94fc-c516bae37782

Are you always caught in your head but not in action? 👀

F*ck with me, watch how you start believing in yourself and doing everything you thought you couldn't!

What is the Glow Up Academy?

This is the ULTIMATE self-paced confidence and mindset coaching program.

We're getting clear on what YOU want, showing you HOW to get it and GETTING it. Simple!

Yes, I'm helping you get out of your own way so you can manifest anything your heart desires by:

  • Building TRUE confidence - finally go out there and claim what's yours instead of sitting by watching everyone else live their lives
  • Doing the inner work - by focusing on self, you'll be in a place to ALLOW and receive everything that has your name on it and you'll stop blocking your own blessings
  • Manifestation - turning the dream into reality with actual action steps on accomplishing your goal --- nah we're not "wishing", we're DOING

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is NOT magic. YOU are the magic🪄 and I'm here to show you.

As humans, we have a tendency to overcomplicate sh*t but manifestation really is simple.

To manifest:

  1. Get clear on what you desire
  2. Believe
    • Believe that is possible
    • Believe that is possible for YOU
    • Believe it is already yours
  3. Take aligned/inspired action

Simple! You see the MAGIC is inside of YOU.

But a lot of people struggle with manifesting due to old beliefs, patterns, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors and fear.

I'm here to help you break through all the noise by rewiring, reprogramming and reframing your mind and releasing what no longer serves the new happier, confident you— turning you into a manifesting machine!


Is the glow up for you?

Have you ever:

  • Grew tired of running around in the same circle and still not getting what you want?
  • Felt like you'd actually have what you wanted if you could just kick the old habit, patterns and beliefs?
  • Felt like you were just trapped watching everyone else go on about their merry little lives?
  • Wondered what would it feel like if it were you?
  • Wanted to just FEEL like a badass who wasn't afraid to go after her dreams?
  • Felt tired of always living in fear? Fear of judgment? Fear of failure?
  • Felt stuck because your fear always found a way to hold you back?
  • Got upset with yourself because you ALWAYS seek someone's approval?
  • Got tired of talking yourself OUT of what you really want to do?
  • Just wanted THAT GLOW to confidently step into the badass you truly are?

Well, we're saying GOODBYE to all of that!

Life is too short to be miserable or worst---living someone else's dream!

We're getting rid of fear, throwing away excuses, removing self-limiting beliefs, tossing old habits, loving ourselves and leveling up!

In the Glow Up Academy, we're high-energy, positive vibes, dope thoughts and crushing goals!

There will be:

  • Coaching modules (50+ videos and written activities)
  • Live coaching sessions (monthly)
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Support

You are NEVER alone so regardless of what you tell yourself, we got your back!

Are you ready to glow up?

Reserve your spot now!

Training Modules:

  • Module 1: Understanding Confidence
  • Module 2: Assessing Confidence
  • Module 3: Growth Mindset: The Key to Confidence and Developing an Abundance Mindset
  • Module 4: Overcoming Self-Doubt Tools (Stop Self-Sabotage)
  • Module 5: Developing Competence Tools
  • Module 6: Overcoming Fear Tools
  • Module 7: Self-Talk and Brain Training Tools
  • Module 8: Taking Action Tools
  • Module 9: Expression Tools
  • Module 10: Social Confidence
  • Module 11: Self Care


  • How to Manifest Using the Glow Up Method
  • Raising Vibration Tools to "Allow"
  • Writing Prompts
  • Freebie Offers

What Will You Actually ACCOMPLISH from the Program:

  • Learn how to let go of old patterns and belief systems to replace them with empowering ones
  • Learn how to confidently be yourself and take care of yourself first without feeling shame or guilt
  • Develop the #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence---the growth mindset
  • Stop self-sabotage and procrastination by overcoming the 4 traps of self-doubt
  • Stop feeling socially anxious and dependent on the positive judgment of others in order to feel good about themselves
  • Feel deeply confident even in the face of rejection and criticism
  • Feel good about yourself in a way that doesn't get knocked down by failure or judgment
  • Stop being crushed by failure and shrinking back from risk
  • Stop setting goals that you never actually reach
  • Turn challenges and setbacks into the fuel they need to ignite your life
  • Stop holding yourself back due to fear and develop such a strong belief in your potential that you feel unstoppable
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-love and self-confidence

Quick Overview of the Program:

  • Glow Up Classroom - Get insight, instruction and information on real topics + learn how to self coach your way out of any situation to experience success.
  • Videos - Get video instruction to connect with me, ask questions or be inspired.
  • Group Coaching - Once per month, you'll have the opportunity to ask me any question to get the clarity, confidence and/or courage you need! Or you can just tune in and learn from others.
  • Accountability Calls - Monthly check-in because I'm dedicated to helping you stay on track with your goals and provide support in the form of sisterhood.
  • Tools & Techniques - Learn how to harness the power of self coaching through thought work, setting healthy routines, and more.
  • Private Community - Join our supportive sisterhood and connect with like-minded women who want to see you win just as much as you do too!
  • Member Discounts - Membership has its perks! Get special rates on certain products, events and 1:1 coaching calls.

Meet Dori -- dedicated to helping educate young children. She's been in the academy for a little over a week and has made amazing discoveries!*Dori%20-%20Glow%20Up%20Academy*jpg?alt=media&token=4c8de88c-87be-486f-ac9e-f50f33a3ba89

Helping Identify and Remove Limiting Beliefs

Meet Samantha of Digi Girl Boss Management Group, Inc. She's been in digital marketing for a few years now (super talented and knowledgeable). I'll let her speak for herself :)*D9BEE9CF-0D70-4DDE-9094-BD9BBD96227B*jpeg?alt=media&token=08386bfa-6c8d-4707-9562-c1172312373b*BDB31447-7B77-4BE2-9F0A-573AD73D61D7*png?alt=media&token=2959507f-5b1a-4d2e-a1ba-30fcf97d7e51


When do the doors open?

The doors are open now! Because it is a self-paced program, you determine when you want to complete each module and even have the ability to go back to revisit the teaching! Not to mention, there will be new content uploaded weekly.

What other resources do you offer?

I'm a Confidence and Growth Mindset Coach who does not believe in "faking it 'til you make it". Sometimes you actually need the SKILLS to make it. With that being said, also included in the program are tools to help you develop competence so you do have the framework to build your confidence. If I notice that building competence will help, I will refer you to that module.

I'm a high vibe kinda babe so I'll also include tools to help you raise your vibrations (aka feel good, release stress/tension and just be in a better place mentally and emotionally). You can use these tools as needed but again, if I think you'd benefit from them, I'll kindly direct you to them.

Sometimes coaches see things that you may not see because you're sitting too close to the action. My goal is ALWAYS to offer assistance and/or guidance in the best way I can.

Is this for spiritual babes?

I focus primarily on science and psychology; however, I also believe in Law of Attraction so if this is something you can relate to, we can definitely approach it from this angle. It's amazing the similarities between LOA and science/psychology!

If you're looking for chakras, reiki, energy healing, etc, this is not the program for you. I do not have anything against these methods but it's not what I specialize in so I'd rather focus on what I do know and help you get the best results ;)

Do you cover shadow work?

Nope! Shadow work usually entails focusing on the UNCONSCIOUS mind and dealing with suppressed or repressed feelings.

We're tapping into your SUBCONSCIOUS mind which controls about 95% of what you do. We are creatures of habit. Your patterns, thoughts, beliefs, experiences and fear control most of what you do and the funny thing is, it's only operating off what you've experienced --so we are usually doing the same thing day in day out --- because it's all our mind knows. This is why when you try to do something new, you end up talking yourself out. Your mind is like "no new friends" and goes into survival mood. I'm helping you break through those old habits and patterns so you can develop positive habits that serve the new you!

Is it all fluff and just feel good statements?

Nope!!! There are actual steps that we are taking to build your competence which then builds your confidence. Look up above and check out the worksheets. That is part of an intensive guide that we will use to help you develop your confidence.

How is The Glow Up Academy different than The Glow Up Society?

The Glow Up Academy is a structured self-coaching program that helps you learn how to coach yourself through worksheets/exercises, journal prompts, live coaching, accountability and a separate private Facebook community where you can come in to ask specific questions in order to find happiness and confidence.

The Glow Up Society is a free Facebook group where you can connect with other women to share self-love and self-care tips.

Is the Glow Up Academy right for me?

If you're a positive, upbeat woman who likes to go at your own pace, it's perfect for you! So if you're pursuing your goals and dreams BUT you still struggle at times with letting go of the past, lack clarity and confidence, are battling with fears, doubts and insecurities, want more but aren't sure how to get it, are still seeking permission and approval from others, need encouragement, want to be empowered and are willing to invest time, effort, energy and resources into life coaching...Glow Up Academy is for you.

What if the Glow Up isn't for me?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please send your cancellation request 7 days prior to the next bill due date to make sure you aren't charged.

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