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Of course, we want to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial. Please complete the following intake form and if we believe it's a good match, we'll follow up with a link to hop on the calendar:

Do you currently have a business or consider yourself an entrepreneur?
If you are an entrepreneur, how long have you been in business?
Have you ever worked with a life coach before?
Preferred coaching/learning style:
Length of coaching:
Timeframe to hire someone to help you break free and start working towards your goal:
What are you currently struggling with? (select all that apply)
What are some habits you normally have? (select all that apply)
When something goes wrong, who do you naturally blame?
When something is hard, I:
What is your monthly budget for bettering yourself and working towards your goals?
Have you been diagnosed with clinical depression, ADHD or any other condition?
If you responded “yes” to the previous questions, how are you managing? If you answered “no”, please skip this question.
Are you currently seeing a counselor, therapist, psychologist or other mental health professional?
As a life coach, do you understand that I cannot diagnose, treat or provide medical advice?
How would you feel if you didn’t meet goal?
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