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Apply to Work with Natalie

Please submit the following application if you are interested in working with Natalie. If it seems like a good fit, you will receive a follow-up email with link to hop on a call with Natalie to discuss working together. Please understand the purpose of the call is not a "pick-my-brain" or free coaching session but it's to determine your needs and see how current services align with those needs.
Have you worked with health/nutrition coach before?
How much weight would you like to lose?
Have you lost weight before?
In order to reach this goal, what do you feel like you need most?
Are you in a position to invest today?
When would you like to hire someone to support you in your weight loss goals?
Do you currently or have you ever dealt with disordered eating or an eating disorder?
How often do you find yourself eating out of either boredom, stress or due to emotions (both positive and negative)?
Are you currently under supervision of doctor, psychiatrist, or any healthcare professional for either mental or medical care?
Do you understand that I cannot treat, diagnose or prescribe any medical illness?
This is an application to work with Natalie. If your application is approved, you will receive a follow up email with link to schedule a quick call. The call is not to convince you or sell you on my services. It is also not a call just to "pick my brain". The call is reserved for those truly interested in working with Natalie. By submitting this application, you are stating you are FINANCIALLY and MENTALLY ready to lose weight now and you would like to discuss partnering together to help you reach your weight loss goals.*F7B3BF50-61A7-43A7-B547-04A6173095FD*jpeg?alt=media&token=e5690b6d-3316-4f85-8e21-7141fbd8eb57


Jay is 53 and she was believing the lie that she couldn't lose weight due to her age💚*64111C6D-3E1B-4629-99F0-76E39694729F*jpeg?alt=media&token=0ba88fb7-a65f-4db2-a576-9645ea8c1a3b
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