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Exclusive opportunity!!!

Jumpstart your weight loss journey and lose 12-15lbs in 6 weeks without giving up the foods you enjoy or spending hours on cardio!*Natalie%20Smiling%20in%20Black*jpg?alt=media&token=076226d9-b8c3-4435-86f3-c956c69e6114

That little black dress won't fit itself hunny! It's time to get little black dress ready 💃🏽

You've said you're ready to get into that little black dress and now it's time, sis. Are you ready to glow up? 

Join  us in this exclusive opportunity to work with me for 6-weeks and I'll show you a simple, effective way to lose weight without giving up all the foods you enjoy!

Wanna eat pasta? Ok cool!
Wanna eat meat? No problem!
Wanna eat fruit? That's cool too!

Sis, we're dumping all those silly little food rules and we're doing things the SIMPLE way.

If you like to eat, this program is perfect for you because inside, you'll learn how to eat and how to eat for the body you want without having to deprive yourself.

Deprivation doesn't work!

Usually depriving yourself ends in a cycle of overeating and bingeing. Well, sis, we're ending that cycle now. 

Jumpstart your weight loss journey now!

Don't spend another minute testing out sh*t that doesn't work, kills your confidence and only wastes more of your time.

It's time to start getting results now! 

If you're ready to start seeing the scale drop now, you want to act fast because this opportunity is exclusive to the first 5 ladies who would like to lose 12-15lbs in the next 6 weeks!

If that's you, reserve your spot today for only $250. 

I was just like you…

I was right in your spot.

Consuming a bunch of information and trying to learn all I could learn.

I was confused. 

I felt defeated.

I was trying a bunch of sh*t that only made me feel worse.

I’ve tried the diets, pills, wraps, teas, detoxes and everything else out there on the market. 

Eventually, I got tired of feeling like a failure.

I got tired of making myself miserable.

I realized something had to change.

I learned to stop complicating this process.

I learned I could actually eat MORE to lose weight and now I’m showing you my simple, 4-step process that’ll have you feel confident AF and losing weight in no time! 

Feel confident AF and start getting little black dress ready in as little as 6 weeks…

You’re going to walk away from this case study feeling confident AF in everything you do.

This program is designed to get you results now so here is what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Observation - so we can determine what do you need help with most to help you reach your weight loss goals and crush them!

▶ Week 2: Eating for Weight Loss - so you learn the proper portion sizes and how to eat for the body you want and deserve.

▶ Week 3: Covering Basic Nutrition - to help you repair your relationship with food and you understand how certain foods 

▶ Week 4: Preparing for Social Events - so you feel better prepared to hang with and be social with friends without feeling forced to sit in a corner and eat cold celery sticks or avoid the event altogether because you’re afraid you may eat the wrong thing. 

▶ Week 5: Dining Out - sis, there’s going to be a time where you don’t feel like cooking. Let’s be honest. Instead of freaking out and throwing your whole plan away because you “ate bad”, learn how to eat while on the go so you can finally put an end to the on again, off again diet cycle. 

▶ Week 6: Recap - during this last week, you’ll have the opportunity to get in any last minute questions and feedback that will help you continue your healthy weight loss journey! 

Because we’re applying what we’ve learned, you’re going to start getting results now so that little black dress is just waiting right around the corner for you! 

This is for you if:  

✅ You have at least 30lbs to lose and you realize your time is way more valuable.
✅ You’re tired of wasting your time.
✅ You’re ready to get results now.
✅ You’re ready to put the work in and stop chasing all the quick fixes that obviously don’t work 🗑 
✅ You realize you’d go farther and faster if you had accountability 💪🏽
✅ You’re ready to feel confident AF in that little black dress 💃🏽*E3387BDB-9360-4752-B23C-2629B2B8A81A*png?alt=media&token=d3a7a420-9032-4c8d-96f4-094cd2145045


What all is included with this case study? 
You will receive everything you need to start losing weight now:

  • sample grocery list
  • dining out guide
  • 1-hr kick off call
  • weekly 1-hr group check-in
  • private account to log activity
  • text/email support
  • exclusive FB group

What is the investment for the case study?
The investment is just $250 for 6 weeks.

When you get me inside, will you be talking about keto, intermittent fasting, low carb, vegan or another diet?
Hell no! I'm staying true to my word, sis, and I'm going to show you how to lose weight without giving up the foods you enjoy!

Will I be required to count calories?
Nope! I'm going to show you how to eat for the body you want!

What do you mean by exclusive opportunity? 
I normally offer a 3-month container. This is an opportunity to work directly with me to get start getting results now. 

Will you do this again?
Honestly, I’m not sure. So the key is if you’re ready to get results, sign up now before you miss the opportunity. 

What is the deadline for the case study?
July 1, 2022.

When does the case study begin?
July 5, 2022.

How many people will be included in the case study?
Spots are limited to 5 beautiful ladies so if you're interested, click the button below and reserve your spot now!

What if I have questions?
This isn't a self-study program. Each will you'll be able to check in plus you'll have text/email support as well. You can ask any questions you have related to weight loss.

How much of my time will I need to invest?
Please set aside 5-7 hours each week. This should cover grocery shopping, logging food, weekly check-in and training.
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