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Are you on a journey to loving yourself but struggling to make peace with your past?

A lot of us are walking around holding a grudge against ourselves and don't even know it.

You can't find happiness or inner peace when you are in a silent battle with yourself.

Have you ever talked yourself out of something because you felt like you didn't deserve it?

That you were unworthy?

Have you constantly let people mistreat you because you felt you deserved it? Or that you couldn't do better and it was just karma for the wrong you've done?

Do you tell yourself you're nothing but a failure?

Listen, I'm saying all of this from experience.

I punished myself over and over by reliving the past and my mistakes.

I used to be at celebrations where everyone was happy and because I didn't think I deserved it, I'd start thinking about a past mistake or how I let someone down.

Told myself I was stupid.
Told myself I deserved every little negative thing that happened to me.
Told myself I did not deserve to be happy.

You see, I've held on to this guilt, shame, anger and regret for so long, I honestly hated myself.

I let it get in the way of my relationships and my career.

I did not trust others because I did not trust myself.

I turned down opportunities because I wasn't "good enough" and I did not deserve it.

I always believed someone else was better---mainly because they weren't me.

I was miserable and if you've gone through any of what I've mentioned, trust me, I know how you feel.

Let me ask: don't you think you've suffered enough?

How long are you going to punish yourself for mistakes?

It's time to let go!

Healing begins with forgiveness.

Get my free guide to forgiveness where I walk you through how to forgive yourself and others so you can make peace with the past and enjoy your future.

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