Tired of not meeting your goals, ready to face your fears, break through limiting beliefs and stop self-sabotage? Learn more about how you can work with me 1:1 now πŸ’œ

Here's Sharon's story: she wanted to build a brand and start attracting clients online. She knew that she needed to start showing up but was afraid to get on camera. We broke down self-limiting beliefs and came up with a game plan! And yes, I showed up to support her on the live πŸ’›

Are you ready to start showing up confidently?

This is an intensive and accelerated program for women who want to build their confidence WHILE getting results.

This is perfect for the person who already has the skills needed to accomplish their goal but either they’re stuck in a cycle of fear, negative self talk or self-sabotage such as procrastination or perfectionism.

The Glow Up Experience is the ultimate confidence coaching program designed to help you break loose of the chains holding you back so you can start living your life unapologetically and reaching your goals!

Are you stuck feeling miserable and living in a constant cycle of hell because you:

  • Constantly going through the cycle of overthinking, overanalyzing, hypercritical of yourself and talking yourself out of success or happiness?
  • Feel paralyzed by fear and unable to move forward with your life?
  • Second-guess yourself on everything so you end up doing nothing?
  • Find yourself comparing yourself to everyone else and start to feel worthless?
  • Get stuck doing things you do not want because other people want you to?
  • Deprive yourself of what you truly want because you are trying to please everyone BUT yourself?
  • Afraid to let your voice be heard because you think you will run people off or they will reject you?
  • Do not believe you deserve it so you tell yourself non-sense and block your own blessings?
  • Too afraid to take the next step even though you know it is stopping you from being truly happy?
  • Do you find yourself looking at other "successful" entrepreneurs and thinking you could never have their success because you don't look like them?
  • Afraid to really step it up and put yourself out there because you are afraid of what people may say about you?
  • Tried the "fake it til you make it" mantra but never seem to "make it?"
  • Do you even feel hopeless?

    Investment: $1500 (payment options available)

Are you ready to develop TRUE confidence?

What Will Be Covered in the Program:

  • Learn how to get out of your own way
  • Recognize and eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors
  • End procrastination
  • Analyze past events/behaviors that may be holding you back
  • Gain clarity and direction on how to accomplish your goal
  • Establish healthy habits to show yourself love
  • Reclaim your power
  • Overcome fear
  • Stop being crushed by failure or fear of failure
  • Evolve into your true potential and start kicking ass
  • Build confidence and show up as your most authentic self
  • Be at peace with who you are and eliminate the need to feel like you have to be someone else
  • Experience more joy and happiness on a daily bases, no matter what
  • Learn how to let go of old patterns and belief systems and replace them with empowering ones
  • Develop the #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence---the growth mindset
  • Stop self-sabotage and procrastination by overcoming the 4 traps of self-doubt
  • Stop feeling socially anxious and dependent on the positive judgment of others in order to feel good about themselves
  • Feel deeply confident even in the face of rejection and criticism
  • Feel good about yourself in a way that doesn't get knocked down by failure or judgment
  • Stop being crushed by failure and shrinking back from risk
  • Stop setting goals that they never actually reach
  • Turn challenges and setbacks into the fuel they need to ignite your life
  • Stop holding yourself back due to fear and develop such a strong belief in their potential that they feel unstoppable

Quick Overview of the Program:

  • 90-minute breakthrough call
  • Total of 6 Private Coaching Calls (60 minutes each)
  • Clarity and direction
  • Templates/worksheets
  • Email/text/pm support
  • Accountability follow-up
  • Access to private Facebook support group (clients-only)

Helping Identify and Remove Limiting Beliefs

Meet Samantha ofΒ Digi Girl Boss Management Group, Inc. She's been in digital marketing for a few years now (super talented and knowledgeable). I'll let her speak for herself :)


Sometimes You Just Need an Extra Push

Here's one of my boos :) She came to me because she was stuck and feared success. She was about 98% complete with her yoga certification but stopped because she felt unworthy. We broke through the past events and came up with a game plan to get it done!



What is the investment?

There is just a one-time investment of $1,500. If you need payment arrangements, please email hello@chicagosnatalie.com.

Is there any topic that we cannot discuss?

No, as a life coach, my goal is to help you look forward and take action now. With that being said, I understand that there are certain events that have stood in the way of you accomplishing your goal. We'll make it through :)

What about support?

I'm available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feel free to text, PM or Slack me during those hours.

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