Natalie Butler: Certified Weight Loss, Mindset and Manifestation Coach*E0C4162A-D4F4-4762-ADDC-3DD89D17C6BE*jpeg?alt=media&token=679f0442-a86d-4d58-b7c0-cd65dcb20d76*97C6F182-AE7D-485C-8D16-1CAF0D490B0D*png?alt=media&token=bffa7b68-05c5-4d74-a2de-517bbc0a56c6

F*ck with me, watch how you start believing in yourself and doing everything you thought you couldn't!

Yes, I'm helping you get out of your own way so you can manifest anything your heart desires.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is NOT magic. YOU are the magic and I'm here to show you.

As humans, we have a tendency to overcomplicate sh*t but manifestation really is simple.

To manifest:

  1. Get clear on what you desire
  2. Believe
    • Believe that is possible
    • Believe that is possible for YOU
    • Believe it is already yours

  3. Take aligned/inspired action

Simple! You see the MAGIC is inside of YOU.

But a lot of people struggle with manifesting due to old beliefs, patterns, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors and fear. I'm here to help you release what no longer serves the new happier, confident, successful you and turn you into a manifesting machine!

Are you ready to stop getting in your own way and start crushing your goals with confidence?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Natalie and I'm Mindset Coach. I work with female entrepreneurs and women who are either ready to take their business to the next level or glow up and take their bodies to the next level! 

I empower ambitious women to get OUT of their heads and out of their own way by tapping into their subconscious mind to rewire, reframe and remove old patterns, beliefs, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors, and fear so they can FINALLY get their minds to work FOR them and crush their goals with TRUE confidence.

You ready?

It's time, sis. Time for us to throw away all the fake sh*t.

Forget the "fake it 'til you make it" culture:

  • Fake happiness.
  • Fake confidence.
  • Fake motivational quotes.
  • Fake smiling.

It hasn't worked out for you so far so let's do something different.

I'll ask again, are you ready to TRULY start showing up? Ready to start crushing your goals? Ready to be happy?

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What is a Glow Up?*D58A3396-791B-416C-8ECE-0F4347025784*jpeg?alt=media&token=008e8467-a362-497e-80f6-ab07f896e474

According to (yes, this is a credible source lol jk but it works), the definition of a Glow Up is as follows:

A mental, physical, and an emotional transformation for the better. Glow Ups can be both natural or planned. As well as being gradual and permanent, or fast and temporary.

I would like to add that a Glow Up can also be a spiritual transformation/journey which it had been for me (read more about my story below).

Every time you:

  • Self-doubt
  • Fail to show up
  • Let someone else make the decision for you
  • Constantly regret things you should've done
  • Hold on to the past

You are giving your power away!

During this Glow Up transformation, you are going to learn just how powerful you are by doing the very thing most of us are too afraid to do: look into ourselves, confront everything that has made us put ourselves into a corner, everything we've avoided or b.s. beliefs we've accepted as truths. The Glow Up is the ultimate level of living your life, building your confidence and stepping into your power!

Just getting started in the glow up process and want to take your personal development to a new level? I have some quick, easy but EFFECTIVE activities for you to do to help you get started!

Glow Up Planner*E04A96F0-BAAC-4DF6-ADA1-1B855C2B2E3C*jpeg?alt=media&token=1feee8a4-6406-4c30-83a1-5f932c8a6a6d

A little bit of mindset + a little bit of manifestation = a whole lot of magic!

Are you ready to start accomplishing your goals now?

Get the 30-day Glow Up: Goal Success Planner where I give you some mindset training techniques and my personal Glow Up Manifestation Method to help you accomplish your goals!

Intuitive Reading*49A153C6-E94B-4C0B-A2D8-5261E2C6C572*jpeg?alt=media&token=2b6c0fe5-a8b3-4a6b-ae92-841acc44b591
Need extra guidance or advice? Book an intuitive reading where we discover how to tap into your goddess, reclaim your power and even identify what's getting in the way of you manifesting your dream.

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I am on a mission to help each and every woman learn, accept, embrace and love themselves!

Sis, everything you need is already within you and if it isn't, we'll help you find it!

We are going to dive into what it's like to be you --- authentically, genuinely and unapologetically.

We'll be discussing topics such as:

  • Self-care
  • Self-love
  • Meditation
  • Manifestation
No fluff topics like "how's the weather?" PS. No one cares and how does that help you get to the next level personally or professionally? Oh, it doesn't? Then, there's no room for that over here!

Don't worry about what you never knew or what no one has ever taught you. That is no reason why you can't get to the next level.

We're throwing away excuses and finding solutions. Period!

This is the place to genuinely connect with women who are saying no more to being the victim --- to women no longer getting in their own way.

This is the place for women who are taking control of their lives.

If this is you, join the tribe now!*53205B54-2ADE-440E-9FC1-F3EAD5D101E4*png?alt=media&token=f6caf0c3-1b89-4be3-b56e-09f2af925fd9*Me2*jpeg?alt=media&token=511bebe2-ac53-402e-a73b-af2bbc99fd82

I am:

  • YOUR Glow Up Coach
  • Self-love Advocate/Junkie
  • Certified Confidence + Mindset Coach
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Certified Health and Nutrition Coach
  • Pinterest influencer and consultant
  • Founder of Socially Accepted LLC

I'm a very straight-forward and honest person.

I'm a firm believer that once you master the mind, you can accomplish anything! Which is why I focus on confidence coaching as many of us lack the belief that we CAN even manifest our dreams.

I am a mindset and manifestation coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way so they can take their business and income to the next level ! 

And I also help badass women tap into their inner goddess so they can ditch the excuses and self-sabotage in order to manifest their dream bodies without starving themselves, constant yo-yo dieting or giving up the foods they enjoy.*Certifications%20-%208*png?alt=media&token=dec0b7e2-67e1-492b-93ad-0159ab14a3ba

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