Ready to face your fears, break through limiting beliefs and stop self-sabotage? Learn more about how you can work with me now 💜*1634089E-628E-4C85-B169-6FF8EB2B20FB*jpeg?alt=media&token=634564fc-c9ac-4e4e-bacc-1a9cad1883f7*97C6F182-AE7D-485C-8D16-1CAF0D490B0D*png?alt=media&token=bffa7b68-05c5-4d74-a2de-517bbc0a56c6

Are you always caught in your head but not in action? 👀

F*ck with me, watch how you start believing in yourself and doing everything you thought you couldn't!

Yes, I'm helping you get out of your own way so you can manifest anything your heart desires.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is NOT magic. YOU are the magic and I'm here to show you.

As humans, we have a tendency to overcomplicate sh*t but manifestation really is simple.

To manifest:

  1. Get clear on what you desire
  2. Believe
    • Believe that is possible
    • Believe that is possible for YOU
    • Believe it is already yours

  3. Take aligned/inspired action

Simple! You see the MAGIC is inside of YOU.

But a lot of people struggle with manifesting due to old beliefs, patterns, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors and fear. I'm here to help you break through all the noise by rewiring, reprogramming and framing your mind and releasing what no longer serves the new happier, confident, successful you and turn you into a manifesting machine!

Who am I?

My name is Natalie and I'm a Health + Mindset Coach (with a little woo 🤏🏽) for women.

I started this journey because I was miserable! I was watching life, not living it!

I was always stuck in my own head, overthinking sh*t, doubting myself, and always trying to find the EASIEST, SAFEST and QUICKEST way to get out of doing the work because I feared failure and rejection.

So I spent a lot of time learning but never actually DOING anything.

Or if I was doing something, I played it small and blocked my own blessings 😩

When the time came to do something --- even when money came knocking on the door, I turned it down!

Why? Because I was either somewhere stuck between I'm scared asl or I don't deserve it or looking at all these "gurus" and then getting easily discouraged.

Because I didn't put myself out there, I felt like a failure! It was just one big cycle.

I told you, I was miserable.


I got tired of being tired (took me long enough).

Started working on my fears...then once I did that, started challenging everything I thought I knew.

Looked at how I was putting a cap on my own potential --- started to break down those barriers.

Learned how to start getting out of my own way and before I knew it, I was actually LIVING, HAPPY and doing everything I used to tell myself I couldn't!

All the time I spent looking and learning, I didn't realize the greatest shortcut was working on my mind 👀

And since then, I've been able to:

  • Grow my business - I used to turn DOWN opportunities because I suffered with imposter syndrome
  • Improve my health - I'm no longer pre-hypertension and the medical issues that were manifesting are gone!
  • Lose over 85+ lbs - yes, I reprogrammed my mind to help me remove limiting beliefs that forced me to be a glutton
  • Focus on sobriety - I’ve been sober for over 7 months (I used to think the only way I could cope with my problems and fears were through alcohol)
  • Face my fears - finally got the courage to break through my fears so I stopped being crippled and miserable stuck in a prison I created for myself and built on my thoughts
  • And the biggest take away from everything, I became more confident and happier --- there's NO price you can put on that!

Crushing my goals became easy!

I know what it's like to be miserable which is why my mission is so personal for me.

I'm not one of those confidence coaches who has always been confident and they just bless the world with their excellence.

I'm also not one of those confidence coaches who just tells you to "think" and "feel" better --- we all know that sh*t does not work and only lasts so long.

I'm the girl that's been through some sh*t and once you know real pain, once you've cried, and once you've hit rock bottom and just felt like giving up on EVERYTHING, you do not wish that on anyone!

I'm the confidence coach who helps you do the MIND work so no matter the situation, you have TRUE confidence that just doesn't blow away when the wind changes direction or when someone stops pumping your head up.

I'm on a mission to help all my beautiful women who are tired of putting up with the bare minimum when they know they deserve more, tired of not going after their dreams, tired of not reaching their goals and just tired 😩

Lemme ask, are you ready to stop getting in your own way?

What do I do?

Honestly, I’m tired of the “fake it ‘til you make it” sh*t. It will only get you so far and if you fake your way into something you cannot get out, it will CRUSH your confidence -- not build it!

I’m here to help you develop TRUE confidence so no matter what, you trust yourself and your abilities to make it work and you’re not being stagnant or crippled by fear and self-doubt.

As a result, you’ll be able to go out there and claim everything that is yours!

I do this by helping you:

  • master your mind and getting it to work FOR you, not against you
  • quiet and replace that annoying little voice that always finds it's way to talk you OUT of doing something
  • identify negative/self-limiting beliefs holding you back (honestly, sometimes they’re so ingrained we don’t even realize it!)
  • get clear on what you want and how to get it so you're not spending your time in circles and getting even more discouraged
  • develop a winning mindset so not only are you reaching new levels but you’re genuinely HAPPY—your heart is lighter and filled with joy (because that’s what life is all about—-living and loving life)
  • recognize and overcome the signs of fear and self-doubt—sometimes we don’t pick up on the habits that usually show we doubt ourselves or are afraid (like procrastination and perfection)
  • raise your vibration (energy) so you can welcome abundance in your life
  • crush your goals with confidence, happiness and even develop a deeper sense of self-love!

Girl, it's time to stop hiding! Are you ready to bless the world with your greatness?


Here's Sharon's story: she wanted to build a brand and start attracting clients online. She partnered with a digital marketing strategist who challenged her to do a Facebook live but was afraid to get on camera. We broke down some beliefs she had about videos and came up with a game plan! And yes, I showed up to support her on the live💚

Meet Samantha of Digi Girl Boss Management Group, Inc. She's been in digital marketing for a few years now (super talented and knowledgeable). I'll let her speak for herself :)*D9BEE9CF-0D70-4DDE-9094-BD9BBD96227B*jpeg?alt=media&token=08386bfa-6c8d-4707-9562-c1172312373b*BDB31447-7B77-4BE2-9F0A-573AD73D61D7*png?alt=media&token=2959507f-5b1a-4d2e-a1ba-30fcf97d7e51

Meet Ashley. She's a Virtual Assistant transitioning to becoming a business strategist. We were working together for 10 days when she sent this message!*Ashley%20Discovery%20Calls*jpg?alt=media&token=28531857-93d0-4dd8-948b-938af11e9900*A2D60F55-8D22-4784-8B0B-2D3F76B85FC7*jpeg?alt=media&token=41d360ad-dae1-4e3b-998f-98e497323c2d


Is this program ONLY for entrepreneurs?

Nope! I'm a firm believer that if you master your mind you can accomplish anything! If you're struggling in any area of your life due to fear, self-doubt, negative self-talk, or limiting beliefs, my program is for you! You can apply these skills to any area of your life!

Do you offer advice?

My goal is to empower YOU to feel confident in yourself so though I'm here to guide you, I want you to make the best decisions for YOU. Part of coaching is asking the right questions to get you to come up with your own answers, see possibilities you didn't know existed and dig deeper so you feel confident in the decisions that you make. You've given enough of your power away, I'm not here to take it.

Is there any topic that we cannot discuss?

No, as a mindset coach, my goal is to help you look forward and take action now. With that being said, I understand that there are certain events that have stood in the way of you accomplishing your goal. As long as you want to look at the past constructively with plans on moving forward, it's fine! If you just want to dwell on the past, honestly, this isn't the best fit for you.

What other resources do you offer?

I'm a Confidence and Growth Mindset Coach who does not believe in "faking it 'til you make it". Sometimes you actually need the SKILLS to make it. With that being said, also included in the program are tools to help you develop competence so you do have the framework to build your confidence. If I notice that building competence will help, I will refer you to that module.

I'm a high vibe kinda babe so I'll also include tools to help you raise your vibrations (aka feel good, release stress/tension and just be in a better place mentally and emotionally). You can use these tools as needed but again, if I think you'd benefit from them, I'll kindly direct you to them.

Sometimes coaches see things that you may not see because you're sitting too close to the action. My goal is ALWAYS to offer assistance and/or guidance in the best way I can.

Is this for spiritual babes?

I focus primarily on science and psychology; however, I also believe in Law of Attraction so if this is something you can relate to, we can definitely approach it from this angle. It's amazing the similarities between LOA and science/psychology!

If you're looking for chakras, reiki, energy healing, etc, this is not the program for you. I do not have anything against these methods but it's not what I specialize in so I'd rather focus on what I do know and help you get the best results ;)

Do you cover shadow work?

Nope! Shadow work usually entails focusing on the UNCONSCIOUS mind and dealing with suppressed or repressed feelings.

We're tapping into your SUBCONSCIOUS mind which controls about 95% of what you do. We are creatures of habit. Your patterns, thoughts, beliefs, experiences and fear control most of what you do and the funny thing is, it's only operating off what you've experienced --so we are usually doing the same thing day in day out --- because it's all our mind knows. This is why when you try to do something new, you end up talking yourself out. Your mind is like "no new friends" and goes into survival mood. I'm helping you break through those old habits and patterns so you can develop positive habits that serve the new you!

What about additional support?

I'm available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feel free to text, e-mail, PM or Slack me during those hours.

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